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The field of Electronics & Communication Engineering encompasses the knowledge of Basic Electronics & Communication principles, components/ devices, latest & modern appliances and gadgets used in the present-day world. The development of a country unfolds and is gauged by the technology; it develops, uses & exports. With round the world R & D in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering & Information Technology, the Electronics & Communication engineers have a wide scope & opportunity to build their career anywhere in the world. In order to conceive & grasp the basic principles & experimental skills in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering, highly qualified faculty & well-equipped laboratories are available in the Department. The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of nmietac_bqs builds & shapes the careers of students by imparting quality education to meet the challenges, which the students face in the present scenario.

Microprocessor & Micro-controller Lab

Analog Communication Technique Lab

Digital Communication Technique Lab

Communication Systems Engg. Lab

Basic Electronics Engg. Lab

Analog Electronics Circuit Lab

Digital Electronics Circuit Lab



R&D Lab

Microwave Engineering Lab

Electronics & Communication Engineering - 120