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As a core branch the Department lives up to the developments taking place in the field of electricity generation, transmission and distribution through hydro, thermal, nuclear and nonconventional sources. Similarly, the Department studies the distribution of electricity and use of new materials in different applications.

The department aims at developing competent Electrical & Electronics engineers capable of facing the challenges of the country's power as well as that of telecommunication needs and demands. The course incorporates analysis, design and development of both Electrical and Electronics systems. The department enhances teamwork and leadership skills through independent laboratory experiments and projects within scheduled time frame, regular viva voce of subject theory and experimental data and timely submission of lab records.

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

Network & Devices Lab

Electrical Machine Lab

Control & Instrumentation Lab

Power Electronics Lab

Electrical Measurement Lab

Control and Simulation Lab

Electrical Workshop Lab

Energy Conversion Device Lab

Power System Engg. Lab

Electrical Drives Lab

Mat lab

Electrical Engineering - 60
Electrical & Electronics Engineering - 30