AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test)

 The only GRE/GMAT deployed Assessment Test and showing your interest in the feedback / diagnostic reports / knowledge / skill assessments / personlaity instruments and placements of the students through clientele of Aspiring Minds.

The preliminary program is enclosed herewith.



a. Conduction of AMCAT: AMCAT is a 2.5 hour test which adapts to the student responses like GRE/GMAT. AMCAT, an anytime-anywhere standardized test becomes hard for the smart student and easy for the not so smart student giving accurate assessment scores. Every students sees different set of questions tailored for him/her. The test contains aptitude (English, Logical, Quantitative) , Financial Services , Personality Development , Computer Basics, Computer Algorithms and Programming, Electronics and Semiconductor, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering structured according to Btech/ MCA/ BBA/ BCA/ MBA/PGDM.

b. AMCAT Scores and Results: The score of the test including a Nation-wide percentile are available instantaneously. However to maintain high-standards, we do a re-check and the scores are delivered within 7 days of conduct of AMCAT. Each student gets a personalized score sheet with detailed scores and percentiles, additionally textual feedback on strengths, weaknesses and where to improve. The institute is also provided with a consolidated result with analysis and intervention tips.

c. In-House Mock Employability Test: Aspiring Minds will be associated to do the mock test for the employability of all the students after 5 months.All the students who will appear for AMCAT re-test will be eligible to improve their scores.We will provide the re-test opportunity to the students after 5 months to make your students skills set upto the expertised level before the placements have started.There will be no fees for re-testing the students once they have registered with the AMCAT.


d. Campus Wise Feedback Report: Aspiring Minds provides a detailed confidential report with graphical analysis to the college commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the students and suggesting what steps the college should take to improve employability of majority of students. We provide year-wise, department-wise comparisons of students, comparisons in different modules, etc. Also comparison to industry standards and other institutions is provided. Aspiring Minds also uncovers what is lacking in the education, intake policy of the institution and how it could be plugged to make students more employable to the industry.

e. Campus Promotion: Aspiring Minds highlights the campus in the eyes of corporates by promoting the campus for the pool campus events.The institute shall be asked to  provide their Presentation of college, to promote their campus across various clients of Aspiring Minds.Aspiring Minds promotes the campus via newsletters, e-marketing, brouchers etc to promote the campus in eyes of the 500+ corporates and institutes across India.

f. Interview Calls and Portal: All students who appear for AMCAT are put on our exclusive portal, where companies continuously shortlist students according to their scores and profile. Students shall get interview calls through our partner companies throughout the semester and in future as well. The score is valid for 3 years.

Aspiring Minds will charge one time fee of Rs 350/-(Discounted Price) per student subject to a minimum of 80 % of the college strength .The above mentioned AMCAT fee is inclusive of :


  • 1 Assessment
  • 2 Reassessment(1st Reassessment in the Month of Sep 2011 & 2nd Reassessment in the month of Dec 2011)
  • Campus Report.
  • Hard & Soft Copy of the Feedback report to each student.
  • AMCAT scores are continuously valid for 3 years
  • Aspiring Minds will share the latest AMCAT scores with the corporates listed with us.
  • The single AMCAT exam will serve the purpose of qualifying the eligibility for all the companies listed with us , the major ones being HCL Technologies, Mphasis, SONATA Software, Igate, Ericsson, HCL COMNET , etc. ( Full clientete is available on

AMCAT Benefits

1.      Placement:AMCAT improves the placement record for college & improves student employability.

2.      Visibility:College gets visibility to companies, leading to long-term relationships.

3.      Feedback:College gets a feedback report regarding skills of students and suggestions on how to improve employability of students in the future.

4.      Accessibility: AMCAT provides easy access to jobs from mass-recruiting companies that do not visit campus. It also helps in providing access to small and medium size companies which visit selective campuses.


5.      Increased Job chances:Multi-dimensional test uncovers candidate strengths and enhances job chances.

6.      Jobs in multiple profiles:Opportunity for jobs in diverse sectors/companies & various profiles.

7.      Mock Test:Students get real-world experience of giving employment tests.


8.      Feedback:Personalized feedback given to each student to improve skills.

9.      Opportunity to perform better:Weak students can hide scores, improve and give a re-test.

Companies like HCL Technologies, HCL COMNET, Microsoft Research, Tavant Technologies, Igate,Sapient, Ericsson,Evalueserve,Godrej Agrovet,Mphasis,SONATA Software,SKSMicrofinance,Mediatek India,Magic Software,Kritikal Solutiona and many more use the AMCAT scores to shortlist the freshers for final interviews.

Wish you all the very best.


The Team Placement




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